NEGREANU vs POLK | HUGE ERROR in the High Stakes Feud

The high stakes fight has been a fight between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk where they are going head to head playing on the web heads-up no-restriction hold’em. As many know, Doug Polk is a world class heads-up subject matter expert, giving him an enormous benefit all through the test. The hand we’ll go over today will be an unmistakable illustration of a hand where Polk shows his edge contrasted with Daniel Negreanu.

Supervisor’s note: This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. In the event that you might want to keep awake to date with more video content like this, including hand breakdowns from Negreanu versus Polk, Tom Dwan, Bryn Kenney and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, click here.

Preflop Play in Heads-Up No Restriction Hold’em
This hand starts with some extremely standard preflop choices from the two players. Polk raises from the BTN with 9♣-9♥ and Negreanu decides to 3-bet with K♦-7♦. You could feel that K7s is a reasonable call, however in heads-up play, you need to 3-bet a wide direct scope of hands. This is on the grounds that you will play the pot out of position with profound stacks, so you need to have hands in your reach with great playability. While confronting a 3-bet with 9-9, Polk has a simple call. This hand tumbles well overall, however doesn’t have any desire to play for every one of the chips preflop!

Flop Investigation
This is a board that is perfect for Negreanu! He will have the reach and nut advantage on this board, which drives him to need to wager little with a huge piece of his reach.

Turn Investigation
The turn brings the (K♥-5♣-2♣) – K♣ and it’s where this hand gets fascinating, particularly from Negreanu’s point of view.

When you turn 3-of-a-sort, however the flush comes on the turn, how might you manage the K7? Could you check, bet 1/3 pot, bet 2/3 pot, or bet 1.5x pot?

While the K7 is areas of strength for a here, on the off chance that you bet and get critical activity, you’re typically not doing so well.
Negreanu goes for the 2/3 pot bet, which is a serious mix-up! In the event that he will wager in this present circumstance, Negreanu ought to wager little and checking is a decent choice here too.

Waterway Examination
The waterway brings the (K♥-5♣-2♣-K♣) – 9♦ which gives Polk the viable nuts!

At the point when Negreanu takes this line with K7 on the turn, he really wants to keep an eye on the stream. This does 2 key things that are extremely certain for Daniel.

#1 – It permits Polk to feign for certain draws that would simply overlay to a bet.
#2 – It permits Negreanu not to get stacked when he has the more regrettable hand.

Tragically, Daniel goes again for a major bet on the stream with the K7 and Polk, who I’m certain is extremely glad to see this, has an exceptionally simple jam for esteem.

After this activity, Negreanu ought to simply overlap his minor excursions more often than not, yet with Polk being very fit and ready to feign in predicaments, Daniel went for the call here, bringing about Polk winning a gigantic $120,000 pot. This is an exemplary illustration of somebody exaggerating a minor made hand and shows that even very top notch players, as Negreanu, commit these errors here and there.






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